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Multitenancy Data / Restricting QuerySets

You can define a class method on your policy class that takes a QuerySet and the current request and returns a securely scoped QuerySet representing only the database rows the current user should have access to. This is helpful for multitenant situations or more generally when users should not have full visibility to model instances. You could do this elsewhere in your code, but putting this method on the policy class keeps all access logic in a single place.

    class PhotoAlbumAccessPolicy(AccessPolicy):
        # ... statements, etc ...

        # Users can only access albums they have created
        def scope_queryset(cls, request, qs):
            return qs.filter(creator=request.user)

    class TodoListAccessPolicy(AccessPolicy):
        # ... statements, etc ...

        # Users can only access todo lists owned by their organization
        def scope_queryset(cls, request, qs):
            user_orgs = request.user.organizations.all()
            return qs.filter(org__id__in=user_orgs)

You have to remember to call scope_queryset method from the view, so I'd suggest reviewing this as part of a security audit checklist.

    class PhotoAlbumViewSet(ModelViewSet):
    # ...

        # Ensure that current user only access albums created by himself
        def get_queryset(self):
            return self.access_policy.scope_queryset(
                self.request, PhotoAlbum.objects.all()