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Re-Usable Conditions/Permissions

If you'd like to re-use custom conditions across policies, you can define them globally in a module and point to it via the setttings. You can also provide a List of paths to check multiple files.

# in your project

DRF_ACCESS_POLICY = {"reusable_conditions": ["myproject.global_access_conditions"]}
# in

def is_the_weather_nice(request, view, action: str) -> bool:
    data = weather_api.load_today()
    return data["temperature"] > 68

def user_must_be(self, request, view, action, field: str) -> bool:
    account = view.get_object()
    return getattr(account, field) == request.user

The policy class will first check its own methods for what's been defined in the condition property. If nothing is found, it will check the module defined in the reusable_conditions setting.